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Imagine expanding your territory beyond your office location. Discover how to conquer multiple local areas.

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We’re about to reveal the tricks up our sleeves.

Here’s the scoop: If you’re eyeing business in your local community, you’ve got to conquer local rankings to outshine your rivals. Forget about those national marketing strategies that gobble up your time. Let us guide you on the path to local dominance.

Unveiling the Engine of Our Local SEO Services

Ever wondered what powers our Local SEO services? Here’s a sneak peek:

Local Citations: It’s like having your name in all the right directories.
Meta Tag Audit: We fine-tune your website’s backstage pass.
Website Content Audit: Ensuring your message is crystal clear.
Link Structure Audit: Building a sturdy bridge to your online presence.
Online Reputation Review: What do others say about you?
Backlink Review: Checking the endorsements that vouch for you.
Website Speed Audit: The speedway to user satisfaction.
Local Schema Audit: Making sure search engines understand you.
Google Analytics Audit: The compass for your online journey.

Ready for a taste of local SEO excellence?

Get Ranked Locally On Google and Bing

Claim Local Dominance on Google and Bing with our 6 categories of Local SEO deliverables.

Geo Targeting

Unlock the Neighborhoods : Imagine your business popping up when locals search for your services. We make sure your address and website shine in keyword searches within the right neighborhoods and cities.

Geo Targeted Images

Pictures with a Purpose : Pictures are worth a thousand words, but these ones are like treasure maps. We embed latitude and longitude details into your GMB profile images, guiding customers straight to your door.

Competitor Review

Learning from the best in your industry: Ever wondered what makes your competitors tick? We dive deep into their online strategies to uncover valuable insights

Backlink Growth

Building Digital Bridges:
Think of backlinks as bridges to your website. We strengthen your online infrastructure by acquiring relevant and powerful backlinks, boosting your Domain Authority score.

Address Citations

Getting Listed Right:
Your business deserves to be in the spotlight. We ensure your business is properly listed on web directories that can make a real impact on your rankings.

Content Marketing

Crafting Digital Stories:
Words, images, and videos are your digital storytellers. We create and share compelling content like blogs, articles, infographics, and videos to captivate your audience and drive local engagement.

Become More Visible In Your Local Community

Unlocking Local SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all adventure. Some strategies can be risky, but we’re here to ensure your digital journey is safe and successful. It’s like building your brand’s address into the heart of your community, making sure you’re not just seen but remembered.

We’re your partners in this journey, and we’ll:

  • Expand your citation listings.
    Validate the consistency of your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) details.
  • Craft SEO wizardry on your website.
  • Ensure your website speaks the language of search engines with optimized schema coding.

Local SEO is more than just your physical address; it’s about owning your digital territory. We’re on a mission to optimize your website’s speed, meta-tags, header tags, title tags, Google analytics, Google webmaster errors, backlinks, internal links, and more. These are the building blocks for your Bing and Google 3-Pack Map listings and regular search engine rankings. Forget outdated techniques; we’re here to safeguard your online reputation.

Claim the Spotlight with Our SEO Wizards

Your website is like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. But without the magic touch of SEO, it’s like a treasure map without an “X” to mark the spot. Our SEO experts are your modern-day explorers, equipped with the knowledge and skills to unveil your online riches.

Don’t let your website linger in obscurity; let’s turn it into a shining star on the digital stage. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and watch the traffic and rewards flow your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about SEO. Well, we have answers.

Why Does Local SEO Matter ?

Bringing Your Brand Home

Imagine you have a cozy neighborhood café. While getting recognized on a national scale is great, what truly matters is being the talk of the town right in your community. Local SEO ensures your website becomes the buzzing hub of your local neighborhood, where your neighbors can easily find you.

What is a Local SEO Citation Audit ?

The Consistency Check

Think of citations as your online business ID card. They list your business details, like your name, address, and phone number.

Just like you wouldn’t want errors on your ID, you don’t want discrepancies in your citations.

Search engines are like meticulous detectives; they compare every detail to verify your online identity. Our Citation Audit acts like a digital proofreader, ensuring there are no typos or inaccuracies that could affect your local SEO.

We review:

Location Citations: Making sure your digital address is spot on.
Meta Tags: Ensuring your website’s backstage info is in harmony.
Link Structure: Building a sturdy bridge to your online presence.
Google+ Page: Verifying your presence on Google’s social turf.
Backlinks: Checking the digital endorsements that vouch for you.
Website Speed: The highway to user satisfaction.
Local Schema: Making sure search engines understand you.
Google Analytics: Keeping a finger on your digital pulse.

In simple terms, we make sure your online identity is crystal clear and consistent, just like your business deserves.

What is an Online Reputation Score Review ?

Guarding Your Digital Reputation

Think of your online reputation as your digital storefront.

Just like you’d monitor your physical store for customer feedback, you should watch your online reputation.

We can be your digital watchdogs, helping you keep tabs on customer reviews and ratings across platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook etc… We even have tools to make this process smoother.

Plus, we can assist you in responding to reviews and queries online, ensuring your digital storefront stays inviting.

What is a Meta Tag Audit?

Optimizing Your Search Showcase

Picture your website as a shop window. Meta tags are the labels on your products.

We audit these tags to make sure they not only attract customers but also provide a clear picture of what’s inside.

We ensure your main keywords are front and center, in a readable and user-friendly format. Think of it like arranging your products neatly in the storefront, making them appealing and informative to passersby.

Unique Meta Titles and Descriptions: Each product or service (webpage) gets its own label.
Location-specific Pages: Mentioning your city and state to attract local shoppers.
Human-Readable: Your labels (meta tags) should make sense to people, not just search engines.
Maximum Characters: Staying within the character limit for a clean presentation.
Duplicate Content Check: Ensuring each product label is unique.

Just like a well-organized shop window attracts customers, well-optimized meta tags attract search engine attention.

What is a Website Content Audit?

A Fresh Page Turn

Your website’s content is like the pages of a book. Each page should be unique, engaging, and free from plagiarism.

We comb through your content, ensuring it’s not a copy-paste job from elsewhere on the web. We use tools to detect any duplicate content and check if your writing is SEO-friendly.

It’s like making sure your book is an original, not a duplicate, and that it’s written in a way that captivates your readers (and search engines).

In simpler terms, we make sure your website’s book is not only original but also an enticing read for both your audience and search engines.

What is an Internal Link Structure Audit ?

Guiding Visitors on Your Website Journey

Think of your website as a map with various paths. URLs, those website addresses, are like signposts.

To make these signposts more effective, we ensure they’re not only rich in keywords but also easy for people to read.

After all, you wouldn’t want travelers getting lost, clicking the wrong link and leaving.

We employ a handy tool, XML-Sitemaps.com, to list all your website URLs, like a map legend. This tool is like having a trusty compass in your SEO toolkit. We also recommend using dashes (-) to join multiple words in URLs, not underscores or no spaces. It’s akin to ensuring road signs are clear for travelers.

Consider a “Flat Link Architecture” like a well-organized library where you don’t have endless nested folders.

This makes navigation smoother, just like finding a book on a well-organized shelf.

What is an SEO Backlink Audit?

Examining Your Online Connections

Imagine your website as a hub, and other web pages are like roads leading to it. In a backlink audit, we create a list of these roads or web pages that link to your site.

We then embark on a journey to check the quality of these roads, ensuring they’re not the kind that leads to dead ends or unreliable destinations.

If we spot any low-quality roads, we alert Google to disregard them, like warning of a bumpy path.

Google Webmaster Tools becomes our trusty navigator in this quest, helping us identify and improve these virtual roads.

What is a Website Page Loading Speed Audit?

Accelerating Your Digital Racecar

Google loves speed, especially when it comes to loading web pages – ideally under 4 seconds.

Think of your website as a racecar; it needs to zoom off the starting line.

To ensure your site is a speedster, we use Google’s Page Speed Insight tool. It’s like our pit crew, fine-tuning your site’s engine for maximum performance.

What is a Local Schema Audit?

Speaking Google’s Language

Imagine your website as a storybook, and Schema is like the glossary, explaining specific parts of your story to Google.

In a Schema audit, we review this glossary, ensuring it aligns with Google’s Knowledge Graph, the encyclopedia of the web. Think of it as ensuring your story is accurately cataloged in the library.

We also employ Google’s Webmaster Tools Structured Data Testing Tool, like a diligent proofreader, to ensure your glossary is crystal clear and error-free.

What is a Google Analytics Audit?

Tracking Your Digital Footprints

Google Analytics is your digital detective, tracking footprints on your online turf.

In this audit, we ensure that every page you want to monitor has the Google Analytics code, like a detective marking evidence.

We meticulously examine the configuration, just like cross-referencing clues in an investigation.

With advanced tag implementation, it’s like we’re adding high-tech surveillance, allowing you to monitor lead generation, sales activity, and high-performing pages, turning your website into a finely tuned detective agency.